June 28: Life

Date #28This blog has run since October 1, 2016 with 260 posts, one almost every day. 

However life has come between us, and while I will be posting every so often, it cannot be every day.

I’ll continue to discover and research the deserving but too little-known, the forgotten and the overlooked in this often fickle world of photography. I’ll be taking time to go back over missed posts and to add to those that could do with some more attention so I hope it will continue to be a valuable resource for those like me who are fanatical about this wonderful ever-evolving medium.

Thank you to the photographers about whom I have written here and the very many followers and supporters of this blog.

If any of you would like to join me as a collaborator, you’d be most welcome!

James McArdle (2011) Maternity, LED digital print on chromogenic paper.

7 thoughts on “June 28: Life

  1. Bravo James!
    I so enjoy your postings, your erudite and enlightened mind so beautifully enunciated through your writings. I look forward to more in the future, if on a less regular basis.
    I know how much effort it takes to keep going…

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  2. Mate, truly what a legacy you have left us (so far); one that stands as a challenge to us all, to take more seriously the heritage that we so often miss in our search for originality. But, as you demonstrate so clearly, it is only by standing on the shoulders of those who have gone before us that we can hope to see the thresholds that lie ahead.

    As you refine and continue to provide new insights in the future (albeit not as often) the canon of work you have provided us already stands as a testimony to your love and devotion to the art and craft we all hold so dear.

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  3. A huge effort James and your blog was the first thing I read every morning. I loved the writing, the selection of photographers and your thought provoking insights. Thanks for being such a big part of my day.

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