1On This Date In Photography is a blog which does just that…provides a leaf from each day of the calendar of historical and contemporary photographic events, people, images, places and technology.

It’s another way into this wonderful fast-changing medium, to dip into its past in order to understand its present – best not ignore the words of that cheerfully morbid Frenchman Maurice Roche; “Without memory everything is new”!

I have uncovered, in researching for each post, all sorts of surprises, especially those out of the mainstream or in the hidden undercurrents, the undeservedly lesser known or forgotten, the quirky, or the unexplored.

On This Date In Photography is a live blog, and each post is created on the date in the title.  Each is an adventure in photography, the medium I have loved all my life in looking at photographs, making them, teaching about and with them, and in thinking especially about how the eye and the camera differ in their ways of ‘seeing’.

James McArdle

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A note about copyright: images in this post are from the promotional websites of photographers and their galleries as well as from museums, and some are copies the author has made from monographs and other books in his own collection — copyright resides with the artists/authors and the images here are used for the purpose of review and commentary. Source links are provided where possible (given time available) and can be added on request. Copyright for the text on these pages, other than direct quotation as indicated, or summary for which sources are acknowledged belongs to James McArdle. 

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