3 thoughts on “March 14: Happenstance

  1. Lovely story on Michael. I well remember like you, seeing Michael’s photographs in The Age and also in The Good Weekend, way back in the day. I always figured if I could do half as good as him I would be doing alright.
    I remember he later had a gallery cafe in the Otways and dropped in to see him. Always happy, always interested.
    Only see him on insta these days but I know he is still interested

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    1. Thank you Andrew, it was a lovely chance meeting with a friendly positive person. I do think however that you might have done as well as he has! You’re well overdue a post here. When you’ve had an exhibition every time I sit down to write it I find you’re too big a subject…give me a prompt in the form of a date I can hang the post on and let’s do it!


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