Date #1Please permit me an indulgence: today marks six months of this blog for which I have written a post every day. 

It has so far been a compelling journey on which I have been excited to find, after a lifetime in photography, that I know so little, that I have so much to discover across the reaches of photographic history and amongst the exhibitions that open somewhere in the world every day.

My researches mostly take place in my library or on the screen in front of me. For various reasons I no longer travel further from my small regional town than my nearest city, Melbourne, and then only rarely, though sometimes I have found great photography only streets away or in this very house. The beauty of photography is that it is now such a portable, ubiquitous medium that one can be anywhere to see the best of it…it comes to you.

The travel is cerebral, its flight paths are the links that connect on the day of departure; every day, on the date of that day. Daily, photographic events, most of which coincide somehow, arbitrarily trigger associations that I would not conceive otherwise.

The urgency of producing a post every day is exhilarating. On top of propelling the search for subject matter, it has released my writing and the flow of association that forms sentences and paragraphs of that connecting tissue which is shared thought.

These posts are prompted by an attraction to the photographers, the media, the inventions or events of the date, and they avoid those things which do not provoke my admiration and interest…I am not a critic. I merely want to convey what wonderful, extraordinary creations there are in this world of photography, what great things have been done with this medium that I, and you, love.

Every country has produced many whose work is excellent and several who have been most influential. Since most of my own photographic education has centred on the USA, I have no interest in merely regurgitating that history, when across the world there are photographers living or dead who are worthy of equal interest and yet who have had nothing of the recognition so available to those living in the biggest Western power (though of course, I will continue to write about Americans here). I want to find out unknown, or little known, photographers and photographs, to make new connections between them, to give them what recognition a blog post can give.

Amongst the nearly 200,000 words written so far, there are a less than half a dozen posts for dates across this six months that cannot be found here, which I have written but am yet to post due to permission issues and fact checking, or the need for more research, or in one case, lack of gumption.

It is April Fool’s Day, and only a fool, I sometimes think, would spend their retirement researching and writing every day, but it is a compulsion, a passion. The journey continues…to date, nearly 2,550 of you have dropped by for nearly 10,000 views….and I’m so glad to have your company!

This blog is my tribute to my dear brother Jeremy (1954 – 2002). He never gave up.

James McArdle (1993) Jeremy’s Stubbornness, selenium toned silver gelatin print 61 x 50.8cm from large format negative.


4 thoughts on “Milestone

  1. Keep going James your daily blog gives so many of us something truly worthwhile and inspirational to look forward to. Our education never ceases. Many thanks!

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  2. Really pleased I signed up to your blog James. I thought I was reasonably well informed until I started reading it! A real magnum opus. Regards, Peter.

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